Original Sight Testimonials

I could write a book on the past 10 weeks my son has seen Karen for sessions!  He has always had a difficult time. He has been in speech therapy just after he turned three years. School has been a disaster! He has a history of biting, conflict, being disruptive, non-compliant, hitting....the list goes on!  Last March his teacher and the school counsellor organized a meeting with other school officials and requested that I put my son on medication for ADHD.  Instead, I took him to a specialized Audiologist who diagnosed him with an Auditory Processing Disorder.  Not much shifted. I was still getting numerous calls from the principal or school counsellor in a week.  After two sessions, I had several people come up to me at the school and tell me he was a different child and doing so well.  I have not had ONE CALL from the principal this fall!!!  His academics have boomed.  He struggled through his entire grade 1 year to reach a level 1 in reading. He is already at a level 3/4.  He has added 11 new sight words to his repertoire and he is able to sit and do his math on his own.  He has already met most of his academic goals for his IEP (Individual Education Plan – Special Needs). His parent teacher interview last week still has me over the moon!  His teacher is thrilled with his performance, says he shows initiative when doing his work and conducts himself accordingly in the classroom.  He now spends his school day in the classroom – not with the counsellor....or principal!  I have seen my son change and grow so much in ten weeks!   Some sessions were very difficult for him, however, on the ride home he would tell me how much better he felt after seeing Karen.  He came to very much look forward to going to his sessions.  He walks taller, is CALMER, his speech has improved, his vocabulary has grown dramatically, he is better coping with difficult situations (no hands on/hitting/biting), his confidence has grown, he is enjoying life! He is enjoying being himself! And so are his family and friends!

Writing this is very emotional for me. My prayers have been answered for my son!   I am so proud of him and grateful to Karen.   It has been an amazing adventure!


My daughter, has always been a good student with average grades. I cannot complain about her performance at school. Often though, through her school years, she has been the target of bullying.  In the ten weeks of sessions with Karen, I have seen her come into her own and start to embrace who she truly is, as well as her talents and skill sets. Her confidence has grown so much – it's hard to believe!  She even carries herself differently and over the past weeks has developed her “own” style for her hair/dressing and how she wants to present herself.  I am pleased to see that she now is able to “speak up” as opposed to “sucking it up”. Through her sessions with Karen, she is better able to speak to her teachers, which has been an ongoing comment on her report card.  More importantly, she is better able to manage conflict or bullying situations!!!!  Math is a subject that has always been a struggle for her.  I see improvement. Partly because of her confidence and believing she has the ability to complete the task at hand and partly because of how she is now processing the question. Where I see a great change is in her music. She plays the violin. She is memorizing songs quicker, her tempo is much better (she isn't rushing) – and she now “feels” the music. It's wonderful to sit and listen to her.   In the past few weeks, her teacher has challenged her with more difficult pieces and at her last lesson, has asked her to start preparing for competition!  All of this, is what every Mother dreams of for their child!  What Karen has passed on to my daughter through the  sessions in a mere ten weeks, is remarkable!   It has given her new tools to deal with the bumps and bruises of daily life, but more importantly  s who she is and that she can do anything she puts her mind to!  An amazing gift to impart on any child!


After the very first session my daughter began behaving very well.  She didn’t punch her sister anymore as usual or cry, as usually she did for hours. She was more patient with everyone and listening to her parents for the first time. Usually I have to tell her something many times before she responds. A couple of days later she got asthma attack. She was coughing badly but even so was very nice and kind to everyone and didn’t cry. Usually she cries a lot when she is sick. After Session 2 she was amazing! Everything was very good she was listening and didn’t hit anyone. When she wanted to cry over some small thing as she usually did I could talk to her and she didn’t. This was new because before she never listened and when she was crying she couldn’t stop or listen to anyone. After returning to school after March break her reading was much better. In general she was well behaved, listening and not getting upset or crying and whining as before. She is calmer and happier. I notice that she is more aware of things around her. She is listening better and is less aggressive toward her sister. She is now hugging her little sister instead of hitting her and she hugs me and all three of us can have a group hug instead of her pushing her sister away like before. She has started caring about other people and showing love for her sister. She jokes now and is not crying over words she did not understand and even laughing about herself!  I notice that she’s less attached to me and she is more confident now.  She has started helping me at home, serving meals and enjoying it.


As an adult I was not able to see as well as I have seen children can.  But It brought me a sense of an expanded self.  It is not my sixth sense I am talking about.  Just I can reach and see things differently.  Be at 2 places at the same time.  It is a teaching that stayed deeply with me and within me.  Going through the 10 images was very healing. Because of that I am better I moving towards alternate realities, realities that exist and that I seem able to blend with. It brings me a lot of joy.  Seeing outside of myself, with different part of me is expanding me. As I am not practicing as I would like (my decision), I has still have that feeling of moving forward of my body, to see further, or elsewhere.


My daughter is doing amazing!  Thank you so very much for spending so much time with her.  She is so excited and has practiced every day so far.  She is still reading with her feet, out the side of her nose and she has also reads with her stomach!  So amazing!  We have also noticed a change in her...it was immediately after the lesson.  Prior to her first lesson my husband and I had a really hard time with her.... she has always constantly fought us on everything including the simplest of things.  Completely exhausting.  She also had always seemed to carry such a grudge against her brother.  We could never seem to ease her tension.  Now, she just seems lighter...more helpful, kinder to us and her brother. Thanks so much Karen!


Our daughter’s grades have really improved in the last couple of months since she has taken the training - especially in math and English. She got 95% on her last math test!  Previously she was getting high 50's/low 60's. Her teacher was so excited she had my daughter text me a photo of her with her test, right in the middle if math class! :)  I'm sure the sessions are definitely a factor in her improvement!  We wanted to say thank you so much!!!!


It is amazing how it heals. I continue to receive greatest surprises as a result of my children taking the sessions. The stories I could tell you – some “pee your pants funny” and some so touching I cry.


I have done 10 sessions  with Karen. I signed up for the sessions after seeing the wonderful healing experienced by my son who did the full 10 sessions with Karen.  I can say that right from the very beginning I started seeing benefits - positive changes, emotionally and in my life in general. Things have most definitely shifted, especially in my working environment, where things started going in a very positive direction. I felt so good every time I was doing each sessions and looked forward to my next one every time. I believe these sessions have changed my life.  I can’t wait to do more sessions in the near future and also to be able to come and train with Karen to become a practitioner myself. I would love to be able to offer this type of healing to everyone that might need it.


My son was a happy, friendly, intelligent child, raised with good values and morals. Even though he had to deal with mean-spirited people at school, he managed to never lose this wonderful personality and humanitarian attitude that he was born with.  I enrolled him with Karen because he was showing signs of stress at school. He was bullied by some students and having problems with a few of his teachers. He also suffered from severe eczema on his arms and legs. We treated it with doctor prescriptions medications without much results. He was refusing to stay a school full days, attending only the necessary time just to justify school mandatory learning hours. By the second week of doing sessions with Karen, my son gained back his self-esteem and his own worth. He was feeling happier, secure with himself, and learning how to deal with negativity. He was totally excited and looked forward to seeing Karen every Tuesday for 10 weeks. He knew that this was the way to help himself. He noticed it, he felt it, and he saw all the results. The bullies just stopped bothering him - just like magic - and started respecting him. Then he started wearing tie once a week with jeans. Every one was complementing his daring, cool look. Then the eczema started healing and even the scars in the skin healed 100%. A year later the eczema is still healed. He was reading blind-folded from the beginning, and his third eye opened even more.  I believe the sessions changed my son’s life in a very positive and confident way, making the end of his elementary school years and the beginning of junior high school much easier for him. I am very satisfied and happy with all of these amazing sessions and the work that Karen and my son did together. I myself did all 10 sessions along with him. Would I love my son to do the sessions again? Absolutely, and he would also love to.


Karen is a lovely woman who immediately put my son (who has been diagnosed with Autism and Apraxia of motor and speech) at ease. She was very kind and caring with her approach.  At school, I think because of the sessions, he learned to lower his anxieties and made further progress reading.  He continues to work to strengthen his mind and abilities. The sessions helped him gain more self-confidence in his ability instead of focusing on his disabilities. Through the guided meditation exercises, my son has been able to examine relationships and roles, to gain a better understanding of healthy relationships and ways of living.  I think reframing less positive beliefs and fine-tuning them to be positive and of most benefit while at a young age is giving him, the best possible start for a happy successful life.  We so appreciate the sessions and the caring support Karen has offered. She is a gifted healer and is making a difference in the lives of very vulnerable children, like my son.


I am so thankful to Karen and for the great gift these sessions have given to me, my son and my family.  My son was 10.5 years of age when he began the sessions.  He was bullied at school before doing the sessions with Karen.  There was an inner sadness in his presence. He witnessed my husband and I fight a lot as he grew up. He kept putting our hands together as if to say please be together – stop fighting.  Karen, with her love and patience released his inner sadness. She enabled him to rekindle his sense of self-confidence, joy and sense of humour. She guided him towards being happy and joyful and mischievious. He is now a very confident child surrounded by boys and girl friends. Before he wanted to be a pilot. Now he says he’s going to be so rich he will have nothing to worry about. He so openly shares his love for his family. He is such a kind, loving and happy person to be around. The sessions have really enabled him to shift and let go of his early childhood insecurities. Karen, thank you for being a genuine and loving guide to my son and I.  I am so happy that he was so fortunate to experience the 10 sessions with you. Thank you.


I am so thankful and blessed to have experienced the whole series of sessions. I can truly see a shift within myself and the inner peace it has brought to me. The method of healing has enabled me to heal and recreate my life with symbols in my subconscious without allowing the ego to get in the way or sabotage the clearing that needed to take place. This method has enabled me to let go of my inner cage and sadness. It has enabled me to let go of the past and release the false beliefs about myself. The new map has given me the ability to change my world and believe in myself and give me hope for a life of happiness and trust. I need to move forward and to live. Thank you Karen. I love you. You are so full of compassion and love and patience. Thank you.


My son has become more relaxed, a better reader, and less of a perfectionist. He is showing more willingness to help out and to try new things even if he is not the best at it; it is not always a battle to get him involved anymore. When I ask him to do some breathing, he knows how to do it. He understands that his energy impacts others around him, and that other people’s energy can affect him. He knows how to protect himself from these energies and that he can make some decision in the matter. The sessions also helped me to help him – to understand him better – to be able to understand what he perceives about me, about his dad, about the World around him without any judgement or bias from my part. I can look inward into myself and go seek the roots of some of my ways are making a positive or negative impact on his upbringing; it is helping with the fine-tuning. I know it will never be a perfect relationship, but it is helping me being more careful about some choices I need to make. Seeing him not wanting to go to the session, and then arriving and giving a big hug to Karen, and being fully interested in the crystals, the rocks and the work that she does was a lovely experience for him and for me. He was genuinely interested and present. Karen’s ways of respect and care, of connecting with him and respecting his wishes was great. He really experienced respect and caring of who he is, and showed me that I have to stop wanting him to be another.


Report cards are coming out soon and I received a note from my son’s teacher.  He has exceeded beyond his goals for his Individual Education Plan.  She has asked me to take part take in setting new goals!  They just finished doing their “speeches”. My son got an A-.  AN A-.....he got an A-! as well as some wonderful comments.  With all the silliness and chaos in our home right now and he is pulling this off.  Without a doubt, it is because of the 10 weeks with you! I am one proud Mama!


I am more detached to what is happening around me. I just observe and let go. A sense of maturity has replace the needy child. For a long time, felt I was psychically stalked by a jealous friend and now it doesn’t affect me anymore. This individual has no more power over me.  The fog in my mind is gone!! My senses are more acute. I know things ahead of time with more clarity. Sometimes, I know what a person will say before they say it. My inner vision is definitely more open. My confidence has skyrocketed from where I was before starting the sessions. I feel a deeper connection with the All That Is. On a daily basis, in everything I do, I feel and sense that we are all One in this world. Now my goal is to live from that space. This gives me so much joy and love toward life. Definitely, a giant step toward living in 5th Dimension.

Gratitude of love and peace.