Are Your Crystals Changing?

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Are your Crystals changing? Over time, our Crystals often change
as we do. Sometimes vou may notice that new colours have come
into your Crystals, or it may seem as if the Crystals are growing.
Sometimes the Crystals are drawing impurities from us and
sometimes they are bringing in new frequencies that we need. I
often notice mineral inclusions or phantoms developing within my
Crystals. I also find new pockets of Light, increased clarity and
rainbows that suddenly appear in my Quartz Crystals.

Something I have not seen, is rainbows emerging in Black
Tourmaline Crystals! This is new and something I've never seen
before. I've had the Crystal you see in the photograph above for
about 20 ears and have never seen any rainbows in it until very
recentiv. I have been using this Crystal while teachina online
classes over the last vear. I have several other Black Tourmalines
from the same lot, so I checked them and none have developed
rainbows, except for one other, that I use when I am doing trance
healing sessions. It too has rainbows on its raw edge. Amazing!
Rainbows are emerging onlv from the two that I have been using in
service to others.

Is this a case of the outer reflecting the inner? I believe so.
Increased light, clarity and rainbows developing in our Crystals are
usually mirroring vour own growth and, on a larger scale, the
evolution of the collective. Good things are happening!

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