The Gift in the Storm

I’ve talked about how it’s time to drop our stories and their manifestations. Doing things the same way over and over again shapes our identity and our reality. The replay keeps us in ruts that limit growth and potential. Higher frequency opportunities are available to us when we are able to stop replaying patterns in our life. There’s never been a better time to break free.

The recent storm left me without electricity for almost exactly one week. Notice I didn’t say that the storm left me without power. In fact, my feeling is that I found my power. During this week I had no cable, internet or phone. I liked the idea of being off-grid and in some ways, I felt like I was on a spiritual retreat where one gives up material things to facilitate connection with deeper parts of themselves. The most difficult thing for me to give up was television. 

I discovered that TV was my artificial refuge – a space that felt safe for my ego. TV had become an addiction. It provided respite from uncomfortable feelings and the harshness of the world. I loved to turn to it at the end of a day, or during a break or even just having it on in the background. I did this even though I know that television can be overstimulating, confusing and even contaminating to one's consciousness. Most of all, like any form of escape, it was taking up valuable time I could have been using to experience connection and presence in my own life. 

There’s nothing new here, but the thing that confounds me, is that I would continue to do something over and over, even though I know it’s not serving me, that it’s holding me back or even harming me. I wanted to share this lesson to inspire you to look at the ways that you may be deceiving yourself in your life. Powerful new opportunities to align with our highest purpose are accessible to us now if we are able to release ourselves from self-imposed lockdowns of old believes, habits and behaviours. I’m not saying that you should never watch TV. I am saying that it's important to release the old reality if it’s become a holding ground of stagnancy and complacency.

I’m sharing this experience, hoping that it will inspire you to stop in your tracks like I did and turn to face a new direction. Listen to your inner truth.  Allow your inner truth to be your guide and stop giving power to things that we darn well know, limit or even cause us harm. Sometimes we even tell people to “do as we say and not as we do”. More powerless words were never spoken. 

Our truth exists within. It is the spark within us that aligns with the pure Light of Source and our power as loving beings. It will lead you to the highest purpose and potential that is possible at any given time. It’s always there and always accessible but we need to release the current story in order to move beyond our patterns of ego. A power-outage helped me make the leap. Now I know that I can choose conscious connection with my inner truth and that I have the courage and strength to act on it. We all can.

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