Crystal Bracelets - Intimacy and Power

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Wearing a Crystal bracelet is a simple and enjoyable, yet powerful, way to embrace and work with Crystals. Crystal bracelets are attractive fashion accessories that help you set your vibration for the day. Choose the bracelet you will wear intuitively, by allowing yourself to be drawn to the colour, beauty and energy of the beads. You can also choose a bracelet based on your knowledge of the Crystal's healing properties. Either way, you can trust that the Crystals you are most attracted to will be the ones you need most at that time.

Wearing a Crystal bracelet can help you feel more confident, grounded, energetically protected, motivated, and emotionally balanced. You can also choose Crystals that enhance your intuition, sharpen your mind, increase your self-worth, manifest abundance and heal your physical body.

Connect with your Crystal bracelet consciously throughout the day by taking in the beauty of the Crystals and feeling them follow the movements of your wrist and arm. Notice and appreciate your Crystals at work while gaining a finer appreciation for the subtlety of their frequencies and the positive effects they have on your aura.

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