Shungite - Yes it Can!

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One night, about two weeks ago, I placed a large piece of Noble Elite Shunite on my body. As usual, I instantly felt its positive effects. By that I mean that I could instantly feel the toxic load on my body (on every level) begin to decrease, and the energy flow begin to increase. It was so powerful that I thought surely it can help with 5G. It’s just frequency, right?

A lot of us are concerned about 5G and stress that 24/7 exposure to microwave radiation poses to our health. I have been told by ‘people in the know’ that Shungite, which tremendously helps to mitigate other electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) which are not in harmony with healthy human Hertz levels, cannot help us with 5G. I finally decided to look into this myself and found out great news. Shungite, especially Noble Elite Shungite can help tremendously!

Without going into a lot of science and detail, here’s what I found out. First of all, we know it’s the Fullerene content in Shungite that makes it a super-healer. Fullerenes come from outer space, and it’s a mystery how they came to be part of Shungite’s composition. Regular Shungite is composed of 30-59% fullerenes. Noble Elite Shungite is like ‘super’ Shungite as the Fullerene composition can reach as high as 94%! Shungite is approximately 2 billion years old and found in only one place on the planet, Karelia Russia, where it has been used medicinally for centuries.

The Shungite molecule is a unique cluster of 60 Carbon atoms that is shaped like a soccer ball and called Buckminster Fullerene, buckyball for short. Noble Elite Shungite is anti-bacterial and anti-septic and scientists are researching Fullerene-based drugs to treat AIDS and cancer. The buckyballs are about one nanometer in diameter, considered the perfect size to interact with DNA. I read that Can break apart the capsule that holds the transcript of RNA inside the aids virus and expose it and neutralize it.

My understanding is that universal Light energy has a clockwise spin and is the harmonious direction of living matter. The buckyball has a spherical pattern that generates a powerful clockwise or positive spin. Locking a bunch of buckyballs together creates a massive spin radiator. Things like viruses and other EMF’s tend to spin in the opposite direction, or counter-clockwise, which is why they are disruptive to life forces. Shungite disrupts and neutralizes that negative spin by radiating it out!

When you are exposed to 5G, your body is in a constant state of repair. Using Shungite can greatly reduce this load. Most sources recommend placing a 5 x 5 cm, or larger, piece of Shungite on your wifi router. I personally find that wearing and sleeping with Elite Noble Shungite to be extremely beneficial. I especially like to wear Shungite when I leave my home. The verdict is in, Shungite really can help with 5G and of course many other health issues. I recommend Elite Noble Shungite, from a reputable dealer if you can get it.

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