Yooperlite, the Mysterious Glowing Rock!

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Yooperlites are often referred to as mysterious glowing rocks because they are composed of Syenite and fluorescent Sodalite, which glows yellow and orange under ultraviolet light. Yooperlites come from the Upper Michigan Peninsula and are relatively new on the mineral scene. Erik Rinamki trademarked the name Yooperlite after discovering the glowing rocks while walking along the shores of Lake Superior one evening in 2017. U.P., pronounced ‘Yoopie’, is short for Upper Peninsula and is the affectionate, colloquial name for the residents of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Yooperlite is plentiful and you can find it yourself by shining an ultraviolet flashlight over the Lake Superior shoreline after sunset.

As a healing stone, Yooperlite is already gaining a reputation as a stone of self-expression. Yooperlite opens and activates the throat chakra, enabling emotional expression and the speaking of one’s truth.  Yooperlite takes one on journeys of self-discovery to gain self-knowledge and personal growth. It also helps one to access their creativity and is even said to help one create a new and hopeful perspectives in their lives.

The physical benefits of Yooperlite include relieving the symptoms of menopause, reducing inflammation, fever, headaches, sinus infections and muscle tension. It can also be useful in the treatment of the throat, vocal cords and larynx, in particular to relieve hoarseness and laryngitis.

I find Yooperlite's energy to be very grounding and wholesome to the human energy field. I feel that Yooperlite is an important soul retrieval stone that helps one retrieve the parts of themselves they have lost to pleasing others, keeping the peace and trying to prevent hurting other people. Those parts are crying out to be heard and loved. Yooperlite can help you find them and give them a voice. Yooperlite is also a powerful integration stone that will help you find the courage and stability to grow the suppressed flowers of the self that you thought you gave away for love. It will help you realize that it's you who deserves your own love.

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