The Book

Seeing blindfolded is not beyond the realm of human ability. I believe that anyone can. Babies are born with the ability to perceive beyond physicality. Over time we learn to ignore our extrasensory perceptions until we no longer believe in the possibility. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if children were encouraged to explore, utilize, and retain their extrasensory perception for life?

To see blindfolded a person must expand their consciousness. The benefits of this are endless. The most immediate benefit for children is that they become happier, more relaxed, and confident to be themselves. They know the truth when they hear it, they can access information directly from the quantum field, they know who they are, and why they are here. This empowers them to live meaningful, successful, and joyful lives. This book is not about seeing blindfolded. It’s about empowering humanity.

This work may seem miraculous, but that is only because most of us have never been taught to value our intrinsic light and connection to source. I believe we can use this work to transform ourselves and the world, and perhaps the most impactful change will come from the children as they usher in a new paradigm of wisdom, compassion, and love.