Trance Healing Session

As the name suggests, I do the Trance Healing Sessions while in light and deep trance states, using only consciousness. I ask for the maximum amount of healing you are able to receive, as is in Divine alignment.

Trance Healing Sessions are offered distantly, not in-person. We will not be connecting online or over the phone during your session.

If you like, you can sit or lie down, and ‘tune in’ while I am doing your session.  It’s not necessary, but it may help you to feel, understand and receive your guidance of your own.

If you know what you would like to work on I will ask for help in that direction.  Your own Spirit guides your healing priority, but often we get what we ask for if it’s in Divine alignment.

Post session, I will share any info I receive during your session by written report, which I will send by email.  Some of the info is symbolic as is the nature of the subconscious mind. I don't interpret. I leave that to you.


After Healing Protocol:

After this type of healing session it’s good to keep your aura quiet.  A lot of things unravel and clear from your subconscious matrix.  Most people feel lighter, freer and more peaceful.  It is also normal to experience some fatigue and detox symptoms as your physical body adjusts to the new configuration.

Your paint needs to dry so it’s best to minimize contact with other people.  Spending time in nature and with animals is recommended.  Extra rest, quiet time, healthy food and drinking extra water are also good.  Salt baths, saunas and freshly juiced fruit and vegetables can help your physical body process all the energetic changes that have been made.

You may wish to journal and practice gratitude during this introspective time.  Pay attention to what you attract and what falls away.

Phone or Text: 613-470-1888

The cost per session is $120 + HST = $135.60.
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