ICU Teacher Training



ICU Teacher Training is a 3-day course designed to train adults to become certified ICU Teachers.  Certified ICU Teachers are qualified to open an ICU Practice in which they offer the 10-Session ICU Program to children.


Those who take the ICU Teacher Training receive ICU Sessions as part of the training. Currently that is the only way for adults to receive ICU Sessions.


The 10-Session ICU Program and ICU Teacher Training are not currently available through video chat or voice calls.  Children need to be physically present to receive ICU Sessions and adults need to be physically present to receive ICU Teacher Training.


I teach ICU Teacher Training regularly in the Ottawa area of Canada and abroad.  I am willing to travel to your area if you have 8 or more people who will register for ICU Teacher Training.


The cost for the training is $977.00 CAN + taxes and fees as they apply in your country.


You are required to complete a detailed Teacher Application Form as well as a Teacher Undertaking Form. 


You can find the next ICU Teacher Training dates and locations by checking the EVENT CALENDAR PAGE of this website.


For more information, please contact me, Karen Osborne.
I respond faster by email.