Pure Source Energy Healing Session

Pure Source Energy Sessions last approximately 30 minutes and are great for providing purification, and for restoring balance and alignment. Attunements, activations and removal of attachments are also provided as needed.

These sessions are shorter in duration and lower in cost. My hope is that this will allow allow people to book sessions on a more regular basis to get the support they need for the accelerated spiritual evolution we are experiencing.

Pure Source Sessions are purely distance sessions. I do not connect with you by phone or video.

Post-session, I send brief notes by email of any information I receive while working.

The sessions are self-limiting. Your own source connection informs and guides the healing process. You will receive and release according to your healing and growth priorities at the time. I don’t interfere with your process.

Please rest, drink plenty of water and plan for some quiet time after your session.

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Call or Text: 613-470-1888
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