About Karen

I am Karen Osborne.  Thank you for visiting my website and online Crystal Store. I believe that Crystals are medicine. The Crystals I sell both in my store and on line are of excellent quality.  Almost exclusively, I have hand-picked the Crystals myself.

I operate the store myself and will do my best to assist you with your Crystal needs.  I'm happy to provide information and advice to help you with your Crystal selection. I can also send photos to allow you to choose the exact stone that speaks to you. Finally, I send you information about the healing properties of any Crystals you buy here.

Shipment is available anywhere in the world and pickup is also an option for local customers.

I also teach Crystal Workshops and offer a 5-Day Crystal Healing Certification Course.  You can find my course dates on the 'Event Calendar' page of this website.  Presently classes are only offered through Zoom.

On Line Store: see the 'Store' Page of this website for on line shopping.

    My Teaching Services: 

    • 5-Day Crystal Healing Certification Course
    • 2-Year Crystal Shamanism Program
    • Awakening the Illuminated Heart ~ the work of Drunvalo Melchizedek
    • ICU Training ~ Brain and Psychic Development for Children
    • ICU Practitioner Training

        I also the founded and produced of the Cosmic Pathways Healing Fair, an annual fundraising event in the Ottawa area. The mission of the Fair was to promote the healing arts and sciences, while connecting people with healers and teachers.