Awakening the Illuminated Heart Workshop Testimonials

Karen, Thank you for teaching us knowledge that is truly important in this life.  Thank you for opening your doors and your heart in the dwelling which is full of love.  it is wonderful to experience a workshop where love exists at so many levels.  It is a true blessing.

Thank you again for a wonderful transformative time with you in the workshop. It was a privilege to be a part of it, to be present with the knowledge and with you as teacher, and a joy to be a part of such an amazing group of people. My mind should be blown, but really I felt so at home that anything and everything could be possible. You were right, life is not the same. I know this is only the beginning but I am looking forward to the adventure!  Thanks, love, peace, blessings.

You have given me a whole new way to live and be!  I was actually excited to start my meditation last night.  I had felt so much resistance to it before, now I love it, literally! Amazing.  This has so powerfully changed my life and I am forever grateful :) Love you much.

I had a good week - I felt a lot more open and loving.  It was a very cool feeling.  Really looking forward to part two this weekend!

Thank you Karen. I felt so at home with you and everyone, it was easy to feel a part. My gratitude to you for creating the space and your wise and lovely guidance. I feel like I'm humming and so full of joy, practicing projecting pink vibes at everyone at work today. :)

Dear Karen, Thank you so much for this weekend. Your true inner maternal love and gentleness shined through this weekend in such a way that I was amazed at how you transformed and released us of our baggage and pain.  Thank you!!!!!!  For your love and dedication. I truly felt loved and at home.  Thank you.   I feel this line of maternal love is taking you to heights of your core beauty and unlimited love and hidden gentleness.  You have so much maternal love to give. Thank you once again. May you continue to shine even more with the Angels.

Just wanted to thank you again for the workshop. It was a very meaningful experience. Thank you for holding the sacred space that allowed me to feel and express myself truthfully without fear. I'm grateful to have learned something from each of the women in the group, and was able to trust them fully. You are truly an inspiring teacher.

I was doing the meditation and when I saw the green wavy curtain I trusted that that was the green light and I went up to the pineal and pulled it around - and it happened! It went thump as you described it and there was a brilliant green Fibonacci spiral went instantly outwards - I was so excited that I am not sure focused on getting it connected beyond to the external chakra!  My sense of vision feels so different  - as if there is a whole other level above my physical eyes. It was a wonderful course Karen and you taught is beautifully!!