Amethyst Phantom Pendant - 48.99
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Amethyst Phantom Pendant - 48.99

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Amethyst Phantom Pendant in Sterling Silver 

Top to Bottom: 3.4 cm 

Across: 2.5 cm 

Phantom Crystals: Phantom crystals display inner formations that look ghosts of other crystals.  They often look like incomplete contours of terminations, which repeat on top of, and parallel to each other resembling a growth formation. Phantoms assist one’s spiritual evolution and help to overcome states of stagnation or being “stuck.”  They help us to always keep moving to the next level.  Phantoms can occur in several mineralogical species and are most often seen in forms of quartz.  The formations are more easily seen in specimens that have good clarity.  They are crystals of evolution and transformation. They make excellent meditation companions and hand held crystals for healing sessions.  Phantom formations can change quite dramatically over time as the crystal is used.

Amethyst is a stone of Divine connection and purification.  As a carrier of the violet flame, it purifies and transmutes negativity.  It’s high spiritual vibration and ability to transmute negativity, make it a highly protective stone.  Its high vibration makes Amethyst stimulating to the third eye and crown chakra, and a great aid to consciousness expansion. Amethyst aids visualization and helps opens third eye, intuition and all psychic gifts.  Amethyst is a stone of spiritual wisdom, helping us receive guidance from our higher self and our spirit guides.  Amethyst is a wonderful stone for easing anger, fear and anxiety.  It clears mental fog, brings mental clarity, improves memory and brings spiritual wisdom.  Amethyst is said to tune the endocrine system, cleanse the blood, regulate intestinal flora and remove parasites.  Amethyst aids insomnia, bringing restful sleep, and intuitive dreams.  Traditionally, Amethyst was thought to protect against witchcraft and psychic attack.  Egyptians used Amethyst to banish guilt and fear.

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