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Natural Aragonite Star formation from Morocco

Size: 4.5 x 3.8 x 2.8 cm

Weight: 1.97 oz

Aragonite: (Robert Simmons) The most popular form of Aragonite are the reddish Aragonite star clusters found in Morocco. They contain recently fossilized marine organisms.  Aragonite is a powerful healer and balancer of the emotional body.  It can assist in maintaining a center of serenity in trying circumstances and in discharging subconsciously held tensions relating to past emotional wounds.  Meditation with Aragonite stars can open the inner eye to visionary experiences of past lives and forgotten events in this lifetime.  These stones can help one become consciously aware of imbalances in a person’s energy field.  They are powerful diagnostic tools for crystal healers who do body layouts.  Aragonite stars are wonderful tools for releasing pain and fear, and bringing more love into the world.

(Naisha Ahsian) Aragonite star clusters are at once soothing and energizing.  It’s vibration spreads immediately through the body – clearing, cleansing and balancing all of the energy centers and levels of the aura.  Because of their form, Aragonite stars radiate energy outward in many directions, creating a web of Light Force throughout the energy systems.  Enveloped by this web, one feels a sense of peace and release as the energy stimulates the healing and integration of past wounds or energetic blockages.  The stars blend the energy of the 5 Elements, creating a sense of balance and completion.  When used in healing they may be placed on each of the chakras progressively.  This pattern will allow the gentle opening and release of blockages within the chakras and will have a balancing effect so that other energies can by successively applied. Aragonite stars are also excellent meditation tools, facilitating connection with higher states of consciousness.  They help one find a center of calm in one’s heart.  They help release attachment to emotional drama or ego investment in past wounds.  Aragonite stars help us understand that the only truly aligned emotion is love, and to realign with this primary force in the Universe.  Aragonite stimulates the energy systems, increasing vitality, and stamina.  They are helpful in grounding Light energy into the most dense aspects of our physical selves, the bones. They can be used for regeneration of bone tissues and for healing broken bones.  Affirmation: “I create balance and harmony within myself as I go forward with the healing of my emotional body.”

(Judy Hall) Aragonite balances energy fields; emotional healing; renewed strength and confidence; earth healer; grounding stone; transforms geopathic stress, clears blocked ley lines; stabilizes root charka; deepens connection with the earth; takes one back to childhood to explore the past; teaches patience and acceptance; combats over-sensitivity; helps those who push themselves too hard; facilitates delegating; brings discipline, reliability, practicality; aids concentration; brings flexibility and tolerance, insight into cause of problems; combats anger and emotional stress; provides strength and support; makes you feel well and comfortable within your own body; eases nervous twitching and spasms that come from inner unrest; stabilizes spiritual development that is out of control; helps to centre one’s self; especially helpful during periods of stress and anger; useful in preparation for meditation; warms extremities; treats Reynaud’s disease and chills; heals bones; aids calcium absorption; stops night twitches and muscle spasms; strengthens immune system; grounds floaty people; can be used for regeneration of bones and healing of broken bones.

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