Awaking the Illuminated Heart Workshop
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Awaking the Illuminated Heart Workshop

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Awakening the Illuminated Heart is a workshop designed to quicken the ascension process of the human soul.

It offers to us the life work of our beloved teacher Drunvalo Melchizedek.

Drunvalo presents a body of ancient spiritual wisdom gathered from many schools and traditions. He weaves it together with scientific substantiation in ways that bring clarity and accessibility to even the most esoteric of the world’s great spiritual teachings ~ from the mystery schools of Egypt and Tibet, the Kabbalah, the Sufis, Native America, and more.

Drunvalo’s goal is to provide us with the tools we need to activate our light bodies, open our hearts, and elevate our consciousness into higher levels of being. You will receive powerful teachings, activations and healings that once integrated, will expand and awaken your awareness of who you are at the soul level. This ancient work is returned to humanity at this time through Drunvalo to help return the seat of human consciousness from the brain to the heart ~ something that is absolutely essential in order to transition into the next dimension.

The 4-days we will share together are intense, beautiful and transforming in every way. You will begin the process of opening your heart and remembering your true essence as an infinite being of Light. The workshop is a deeply healing and emotionally rich and life-changing experience. Questioning is replaced by knowing and trust as you remember Union and activate your seed of Light.

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