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Black Merlinite or Psilamelane - 42.97

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Solid natural Botryoidal formation of Black Merlinite or Psilomelane

Size: 4.5 x 3.3 x 3.4 cm

Weight: 3.76 oz

Black Merlinite: (Robert Simmons) Keywords: Link to the deep unconscious; lucid dreaming, meditation, shamanic journeying, spirit communication, divination, prophetic vision. Black Merlinite is the term given to a variety of pure Psilomelane which is a barium manganese hydroxide. Stone of the deep unconscious, the great well of potential from which true creativity springs. It is the realm of dreams, and Black Merlinite is a fantastic stone to aid in achieving the state of lucid dreaming. In addition, it facilitates meditation, allowing one to “go deep” very rapidly. It offers a direct conduit to the Silence, the still point at the center of all things. In most instances, Black Merlinite is more powerful than other forms and is useful in facilitating shamanic journeying, spirit communication, divination and prophetic vision. Many people shy away from doing inner work because they fear the “demons” in the unconscious. Black Merlinite teaches one to befriend one’s darkness, recognizing that everything one can experience inwardly is part of oneself. Psychologically, a “demon” is a part of oneself that has been rejected or ignored and “raises hell” to get attention. Black Merlinite can help one to meet and re-integrate one’s rejected or lost parts, facilitating wholeness. In spiritual healing it offers vibrational support to the liver, kidneys, bowels and other organs and systems concerned with purification and elimination of waste products. Affirmation: I enter the darkness of my own unknown with love, reverence and appreciation.

Psilomelane (black): (Melody) This mineral can help one to re-direct energy and to analyze one’s own patterns of emotional thinking and development, based on free associative ideals, revealing to the conscious mind the thoughts and experiences previously unrecognized; hence, stimulating remedial action for emotional disturbances and over-emotional states. It can also be used to correct unwanted, unloving behavior patterns and emotional reactions. Psilomelane provides for smooth states of meditation and enhances mental travel to other parts of the world (as it is today). It can be used to facilitate trance states which take the user to the pre-determined destination, and to stimulate a total awareness (in those at the location) to both recognize and understand the nature of the visit. It has been used for “gazing”, providing for insight into that which is occurring in a distant location. Prior to the activation for “gazing”, conscious direction of the mind is required – otherwise, one may view situations and activities which are of no relevance or importance to the user. This mineral can be used in the treatment of pneumonia, to clear the mucus from the lungs, and to provide for the stabilization of the inner walls of the lungs. It can also be used to treat chronic inflammatory conditions of the skin. It can also assist in the efficient conversion of carbohydrates to energy and in the regulation of the proper flow of insulin to the blood stream. Vibrates to the number 4. Astrological sign of Sagittarius. 

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