Bloodstone Tumbled - 2.25
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Bloodstone Tumbled - 2.25

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Tumbled Bloodstone or Heliotrope stones from India

Average Size: 3 x 2 x 1 cm

Average Weight: 0.28 oz

Bloodstone or Heliotrope: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) Bloodstone is a stone of courage; excellent blood strengthener and cleanser, powerful healer; grounding and protective stone; keeps out undesirable influences; helps one to be who they are and not who others tell them they should be; helps to overcome hurt caused by criticism of others; helps artists to let go of worry about how their work will be received and just create from the heart; stimulates dreaming; stone of magic and mystery; assists living in the present moment; reduces irritability, impatience, aggression; stimulates lymph and metabolism; revitalizes when body and mind is exhausted; reduces mucous, over-acidification; said to help leukemia; shrink tumours; cleanses and realigns chakras; bloodstone combines the green ray of the heart with the red energy of the first chakra – this combination of energies strengthens one’s abilities to maintain emotional balance when faced with survival issues.  Blood carries life force though out the body and is pumped by the heart, which is the seat of the emotions.  Bloodstone inspires courage to recognize the direction in which your heart is leading you; excellent animal healer. Affirmation: “I have the courage to act upon my inner guidance.”

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