Blue Apatite Pendant - 59.99
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Blue Apatite Pendant - 59.99

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Dreamy Blue Apatite Crystal made into polished round shaped cabochon sterling silver bezel setting with half moon design.  The back of the pendant is open.

Size: 3.8 x 1.8 cm

Weight: 0.22 oz

Blue Apatite: (Naisha Ahsian) psychic activation and access to knowledge; cleanses auric field, especially the mental body; activates psychic perception and paranormal abilities; stimulates visionary experiences; good to keep under pillow to aid lucid dreaming and astral travel; helps one to experience multiple levels of consciousness harmoniously and simultaneously; stone of inspiration – brings the “aha” experience to answer long standing problems or questions; attracts blue beings of the supernal regions such as ETs, guides, or god-like entities such as Krishna and allows one to communicate with them; wind element clears and stimulates 3rd eye chakra; strong stone for past life or alternate life work; assists understanding karmic influences contributing to current reality – points out karmic roots for physical imbalances and medical conditions; stimulates mind and mental function; very uplifting stone – lifts one out of emotional mire; helps overcome fear of heights that originate from past lives; soothes headaches; good for declining eyesight; helps dizziness and vertigo.  Affirmation: “I open my inner eyes to the realms of hidden knowledge.”

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