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Brown Tourmaline - 34.99

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Naturally terminated very dark Brown Tourmaline or Dravite (Dravide)

Size: 4.9 x 2.3 x 2.4 cm

Weight: 1.84 oz

Brown Tourmaline (Dravide or Dravite): (Judy Hall) an excellent grounding stone, cleansing and opening the Earth chakra and the grounding cord holding the physical body in incarnation. It clears the aura, aligns the etheric body and protects it; encourages community spirit and social commitment; makes one feel comfortable in a large group; heals dysfunctional family relationships and strengthens empathy; promotes pragmatism and creativity; treats intestinal disorders and skin diseases and stimulates regeneration in the whole body (Robert Simmons) Ideal stone for healing the shadow parts – rejected parts which have been pushed down into the subconsciousness. Helps one to examine the distorted and disfigured self that has been forgotten in the interior basement, and ultimately retrieving the lost fragments of self through self-love and self-acceptance. It inspires courage and persistence for doing inner work and helps one to see the humour in life’s darkest situations. Dravite is also an aid to those who feel numb – who have difficulty moving into grief or other heart-felt emotions. It’s vibration can aid in removing energetic armouring around the heart.

(Naisha Ahsian) Dravite has a calming, soothing effect on the energetic systems and the body. It’s energy helps one relax, release and become centred within oneself. Dravite draws one’s most deeply hidden patterns and issues to the surface, allowing one to calmly review and clear them. It aids in seeing the aspects of self one has hidden rom oneself out of fear or denial – allows one to perceive and integrate the shadow self. It can help one to accept those aspects of self that seem abhorrent or unlovable. Dravite helps one come to terms with the unthinkable. It gently illuminates and cleanses aspects of oneself that have been denied or past experiences that have seemed too hurtful to remember. Dravite helps those who feel unlovable or unforgivable find compassion for themselves and new ways to manifest their highest selves into their daily reality. It guides one to a gentle healing and acceptance of the total self. Dravite initiates deep healing for those who have experienced emotional trauma. It helps those who feel overwhelmed release panic. Dravite is excellent for blood purification and for clearing and healing the lymphatic system. It helps shift the physical body through changing negative habits and patterns such as overcoming addiction, stopping self-abusive behaviour, or moving toward a more vibrant state of health. Dravite assists absorption of nutrients from food and can be helpful in calming bowel disorders such as Chron’s disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Affirmation: I open my eyes to all of myself, now accepting with love all aspects that had been exiled, forgotten or lost.”

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