Carnelian Bood of Isis Earrings - 45.99
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Carnelian Bood of Isis Earrings - 45.99

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Faceted oval gem quality Carnelian on silver French hooks.

Gem quality Carnelian is known as the Blood of Isis.

Average Weight of pair: 0.10 oz

Average Dimensions of stones: 1.2 x 0.9 cm

Shape, Size and Color varies from pair to pair

Blood of Isis is a power stone with connections to the high priests of Egypt and the goddess Isis. This stone removes veils of perception and brings spiritual clarity to those seeking to attune to the sacred feminine energies and their inner shaman. It is a good stone for soul retrieval, helping you to remember lost or forgotten parts of self especially those that are completely opposite to your current incarnation. It is also very helpful in bringing balance to masculine and feminine energies in both men and women. In general, Carnelian is said to dull pain, help reproductive organs, helps with PMS, infertility and menopause. Judy Hall says Blood of Isis helps one to become a wise woman.

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