Cataclasite Quartz Tumbled - 1.99
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Cataclasite Quartz Tumbled - 1.99

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Tumbled Cataclasite Quartz or Impact Quartz from Botswana - also called Earthquake Quartz

Average Size: 2 cm

Cataclasite Quartz or Impact Quartz: – also spelled Cataclosite (Kristi – Metaphysical Realm) is a veined Quartz formed by meteoric impact. As the quartz bedrock is shattered by this meteoric vibration, other earth materials fill in the cracks. The black/brown/tan earth materials appear as veins in the brecciated creamy quartz.  The "veins" within the quartz invite us to take ‘the road less traveled’.  Cataclasite or Impact Quartz will help you to step out of your comfort zone and give a sense of comfort and reassurance in the doing.  It is not about what others want you to do or think you should do, it is about going to your core and finding the vibration of YOU. Cataclasite or Impact Quartz energy is felt on a very physical level of having experiences, meaning, you are on a physical plane to have experiences and learn lessons. You chose these before incarnating. This Quartz will help you to embrace those experiences head on, not shake in your boots or make excuses for NOT giving the experience a try. Cataclasite or Impact Quartz will help you to find a balance in all that you do. It will allow you to remain perfectly grounded when difficult decisions need to be made.  It will help you to see the whole picture, not just bits and pieces, when you face challenging choices.  Cataclasite or Impact Quartz will smooth the rough edges of those who feel they must always be in control. Those needing control often have issues of fear or trauma. Cataclasite will provide a sense of safety, which will ease those tensions and allow the holder to move forward.  Cataclasite or Impact Quartz is a stone of awareness.  There is so much to see and do while on the physical plane and we often miss it.   Cataclasite is here to open your eyes.  You may have had or will have an experience that will shock you to the core. Stay awake! This is so that you can recognize it for what it is and learn from the experience.  Cataclasite provides strength and courage to face anything head on.  Physically, Cataclasite Quartz/Impact Quartz is a prime example of a physical healing stone. The body is a remarkable piece of engineering. It is set up to mend itself. Cataclasite had a similar experience in its creation... broken and fractured and yet other parts of earth filled in the gaps and made the earth whole again. This stone will aid in the healing process by supporting and enhancing the body's own healing system.  Use Cataclasite Quartz/Impact Quartz to benefit the digestive system and aid in digestion, starting with awareness of the food that is put into the body.  Children will benefit from Cataclasite in a very big way. The formative years are often rife with programming from the world around them. Parents, society, friends, etc. all telling them what they should be, how they should behave, what they should believe and so forth. Cataclasite fills the child with a sense of self, confident in belief and behaviour.  It will help to self empower and stand tall in their convictions. Adults can use it in the same way.  It may take a bit more work as adults have had many years of living in their programming, which was given to them as children.  Working with Cataclasite will help you to find ways to remove the old programming and with work, release it over time.  And, just as the children, it will help to self empower and stand tall in beliefs and convictions.  Cataclasite is a joker. It says, "it is never too late to make an impact!"

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