Cheetah Agate Tumbled - 0.99
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Cheetah Agate Tumbled - 0.99

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Mystical, feline, tumbled Cheetah Agate stones from Brazil

Average Size: 1.5 x 1.3 x 0.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.09 oz

Cheetah Agate: Cheetah Agate is considered a rare stone.  It is found in Brazil and is a by-product of Apatite mining.

(mysticwolf) Cheetah Agate allows the wearer to access inner strength, vitality and prowess of the cheetah for which it was named. Cheetah agate opens and balances the heart, root and sacral chakras. It enhances willpower, courage and mental function. Cheetah Agate can help one find creative solutions to problems.  Cheetah Agate strengthens connection to nature and to the Earth. Cheetah Agate can be used during meditation to access spirit guides, get in touch with your primal essence, mysticism and and feline nature.  Cheetah Agate is a stone of vitality and expanded awareness that brings focus and insight.

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