Black Tourmaline Tumbled - 2.49
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Black Tourmaline Tumbled - 2.49

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These tumbled Peruvian Black Tourmaline stones have subtle Chrysocolla veins.

Average Size: 2.5 x 1.5 x 1 cm

Average Weight: 0.37 oz 

Black Tourmaline or Schorl: Black Tourmaline is grounding, purifying and protective.  It is most effective for restoring balance and Earth connection to the Root, Ankle or Earth Star Chakra.  It is so effective that I often joke that if I were stranded on a desert island and could only take a couple of Crystals with me, one of them would be Black Tourmaline.  It is like a warm blanket on a cold night, keeping you safe, clear and connected.  Black Tourmaline tirelessly transforms dense energies into lighter vibrations.  Black Tourmaline helps to reduce fear and the feeling that we are victims.  It is said to help with dyslexia, brain disorders and spinal alignment.  Black Tourmaline also helps protect against electromagnetic pollution.  It provides solid protection from negative energies of all kinds.

Chrysocolla: Chrysocolla is a stone of tranquility, wisdom, communication and the Divine feminine and goddess energies.  It is an Earth Element stone that connects us to the life force and vitality of the Earth but is also a Water Element stone.  It is about sacred sound, silence, communication, truth and vocal expression.  It greatly assists sound healing, singing, chanting and mantras.  It allows us to positively express the wisdom of our heart as powerful words of love and truth.  It teaches the power of the spoken word and helps us to realize how our words create our reality.  It is a wonderful stone for teachers and anyone who speaks as a living or higher calling as it helps to channel Divine and heart centred speech that can reach and help others.  Chrysocolla is one of the best stones for opening and cleansing the throat chakra.  It helps us to convey our true selves with words and energy.  It helps us know when to speak and when to be silent.  Chrysocolla also has a reputation for healing co-dependent relationships, healing heartache, overcoming fear, and accepting change.  It’s calming energies make it a good aid to meditation.  Chrysocolla is said to detoxify the liver, balances insulin, treat arthritis, muscle spasms, thyroid, PMS, menstrual cramps, menopause, dissolve miasms, lower blood pressure, and heal infections, especially of the throat.


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