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Clinozoisite Tumbled - 3.99

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Tumbled Clinozoisite stones

Average Size: 1.5 x 1.5 x 0.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.09 oz

Clinozoisite: (Raven and Crone) Clinozoisite polished crystal is also called Thulite (when just pink). It is a pink and green stone that is related to Epidote and Zoisite. Clinozoisite is a stone used when something needs to be increased or improved upon. Clinozoisite is known to increase any aspect of your life such as prosperity, intuition and love. Clinozoisite has a tendency to increase anything it touches, whether the thing it touches is energy, emotional or a material object. Clinozoisite can ease stress and tensions in time of crisis. Clinozoisite can help to ease the pain of a broken heart and cleanses repressed emotions. It can help you forgive yourself and others and move forward as a stronger and a more self-empowered person. Clinozoisite can be helpful in overcoming habitual negativity. It is a stone that enhances emotional and spiritual growth. It cleanses repressed emotions, often once and for all. It opens the way for those who have denied spiritual growth and assists with spiritual awakening. Clinozoisite also clears the emotional aura. It stimulates perception, participation, and interaction as well as personal power. It also dispels criticalness and closed mindedness. Clinozoisite increases vitality, and enhances feelings of optimism, hope and promotes patience. Clinozoisite is a great gemstone to strengthen relationships with friends, spouses or co-workers.  Metaphysical healing lore says that Clinozoisite is a crystal to use when detoxing the body, especially when the body has gone through any type of radiation. It is used to stop panic attacks, stimulate the immune system, aid digestion, aid in treatment of disorders associated with the heart, spleen, pancreas, lungs and supports all healing. Clinozoisite is an excellent crystal for physical healing and enhancing the recuperative process. Clinozoisite is associated with the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakras.

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