Crop Circle Stone Tumbled - 3.99
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Crop Circle Stone Tumbled - 3.99

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Tumbled Crop Circle Stones from Wiltshire, England

Average Size: 2 x 1 x 0.5 cm 

Average Size: 0.07 oz

Circle Stone: (Robert Simmons) Circle stone is the name given to Flint gathered from within crop circle formations in England.  Flakes of flint were used by early peoples to make arrowheads, scrappers and other tools.  Flint frequently contains invertebrate fossils and even opal that forms in contained sponge spicules.  Some of this crypto-crystalline material appears in crop circle flint.  The stone comes from Wiltshire, which is the nexus of crop circle activity in England.  Circle stones carry all the qualities of Flint as well as the currents of energy of the crop circles themselves.  They are keys to unlocking mysteries that may lead humans into conscious communion with spiritual worlds and beings beyond our current imaginings.  The stones themselves are awakened by the Self that is the heart of the Earth.  Her wisdom flows through them like living water and the chords of her rhythms resonate through their inner lattices.  She speaks to us through them, as through the patterns of the circles themselves, and her speech is more than words – it is that which reaches into us and brings forth the  awe of recognition.  The Earth is awake, alive, and aware of us with an intelligence we can glimpse but have not yet awakened fully enough to comprehend.  The vibrations of the Circle Stones deeply stimulate the heart chakra.  They stimulate the third eye and crown chakras, facilitating visionary states.  Their currents can penetrate deeply into the brain, stimulating dormant areas and stirring inner capacities.  They stir the dark areas of the mind/brain and heart where our forgotten or never-known potentials are sleeping.  Carrying, wearing, or meditating with these stones can help us become aware of more of what we can be.  Sleeping or meditating with the Circle Stones can bring one into conscious relationship with the spiritual intelligence that gives rise to the crop circles themselves.  Longer meditations with the stones can take one very deep, much deeper than any other stone I have worked with.

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