Crystal Healing Certification Course - 5 Day Package
Karen Osborne

Crystal Healing Certification Course - 5 Day Package

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This course consists of 5 full days of theory and practice. You will learn many ways to use Crystals for healing, protection, co-creation and spiritual evolution. Successful completion of all 5 days will earn you a Certificate in Crystal Healing. 

No experience with healing or Crystals is required to take this program. You can take the class one day at a time and pay as you go. Day 1 provides an introduction to Crystals. You can stop there or continue with Day 2 and 3 as you wish (see course outline below for content). You are welcome to pick up where you left off when the course is offered again at a later time.

Day 1, 2 & 3 provide a good basic foundation on how to apply Crystals in your daily life. The focus for Day 4 & 5 is the ancient art of ‘the laying on of stones’. Days 4 & 5 are for those who are more serious about working with Crystals and want to use them to heal others. However, you don’t have to be a healer to take Day 4 & 5.



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