Shamanic Crystal Healing - In-Person Session
Crystal Medicine

Shamanic Crystal Healing - In-Person Session

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I will use energy medicine to clear and repair energetic meridians, chakras and the aura. I will also remove attachments if needed.

The session includes a full Crystal healing layout that I leave set up for for a minimum of 2 weeks - often much longer.

The journey portion of the session involves me leading you to a place of inner knowing, where you identify your healing priority and journey back in time to the place where it all started. Once we are at the root of the issue we explore what happened, release any pain that may have been held around it, and heal the beliefs that formed consciously or subconsciously.

Usually some homework is assigned to help you fully integrate and retain all of the healing.

These sessions help with issues described as sorcery, entities, shadow, karma, ancestral healing, contracts, soul retrieval, and more.

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