Day 4 & 5 Crystal Healing Certification Course
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Day 4 & 5 Crystal Healing Certification Course

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Day 4 & 5 is more advanced training for people who want to practice Crystal Healing on others.  Day 4 & 5 teaches the theory and practice of ‘the laying on of stones’, which is the practice of laying Crystals on the human body for the purposes of healing.  You will learn how to offer Crystal Healing as a stand-alone practice or how to introduce them to other healing practices.

  • Laying on of stones - learn to lay stones on people as part of a healing session or as a stand-alone form of healing
  • 2-point healing with wands
  • Triangulations
  • Star-points
  • Specialized Crystal layouts
  • Etheric surgery
  • Aura Dredging
  • Basic Cleansing/Energizing Layout

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