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Dolomite Quartz - 4.99

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Cluster of natural pale Pink Dolomite and Tiny Clear Quartz Crystals on matrix from the Sainte Clothilde de Chateauguay quarry in Quebec, Canada; this one has an exquisite opening and cluster of grey and silver Quartz Crystals

Size: 4.8 x 2.4 x 2 cm

Weight: 0.55 oz

Dolomite: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) Dolomite is a type of Limestone.  The great pyramids of Giza are made of Dolomite.  It is an excellent stone for achieving calm, centeredness and balance; fills gaps in the energy field while purging it of negative energies and pulling in any overextended parts; is the essence of moderation; softens negative emotions like anger and fear; reins in excessive emotions; takes the allure away from unrealistic fantasies; deflates the ego; excellent aid for meditation practices; beneficial influence for children – counteracts moodiness and symptoms of raging hormones; calms smaller children, reducing the likelihood of nightmares, tantrums and other emotional extremes; excellent grounding stone; alleviates feelings of homesickness and discomfort with physical life; good to hold after any kind of healing session or transformational work, especially past-life work, rebirth and shamanic journeying; excellent stone for healing toxicity and physical illness; energetically detoxifies the liver and clears heavy metals from the body; helps overcome harmful behaviours and habits and provides great support in detoxifying from drug, alcohol and tobacco use; helps us remain cheerful while doing menial work, chores and tasks; helps one find the Divine in the mundane; stone of humility and patience; helps those who have trouble seeing projects through to completion; supports healing of the bones and prevents bone loss; balances metabolism and apatite. Affirmation: “I sit in stillness – calm, balanced, centred and whole.”

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