Dumortierite in Quartz Tumbled - 4.49
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Dumortierite in Quartz Tumbled - 4.49

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Dumortierite in Quartz nuggets

Average Size: 2.0 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.4 oz

Dumortierite: Divine inspiration; psychic ability; inner guidance; enhanced learning capacity; mental discipline; opens doors of insight; activates 3rd eye chakra; helps one in making the mental leaps necessary to transcend insurmountable difficulties or seemingly hopeless situations; in gifted individuals, can instill the gift of prophetic vision and build skills in psychometry and psychokinesis; enhances mental discipline and willpower; excellent stone for students who need to take in great amounts of information in a short time; aids memory retention and synthesis of new ideas; excellent aid for those practicing astrology and tarot; assists moving stuck energies on the mental level such as writer’s block or artist’s block; can help those who feel like outsiders to feel more connected to the Divine and to others around them; helps those who feel mentally foggy, unable to focus or concentrate, or energetically blocked; reduces excitability; eliminates stubbornness; helps to “stand-up” for oneself and stamina to retain self when subjected to harsh work environments; provides patience, especially for teens and children; recognition of potential of others; stimulates verbalization of spiritual ideas; provides grounding in love matches, clearing unsettled areas in relationships; provides strength to deal with disease and insights to understand and correct the cause. Heals colic.  Dumortierite has been called the stone of patience.  It is also excellent for overcoming authority issues. Affirmation: “I open myself to psychic perception, Divine inspiration and mental discipline, pledging to use my gifts for the good of all.”

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