Fluorite Octahedron - 3.99
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Fluorite Octahedron - 3.99

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Naturally cleaved multi-coloured Fluorite octahedrons from Inner Mongolia, China.

Average Weight: 0.2 oz

Average Size: 1.5 x 1 cm

Fluorite Octahedrons: Metaphysical Properties- Octahedral Fluorite is used to help us dissolve mental blocks, narrow mindedness, and thought constricting patterns.  I feel it helps us to get through the 'I can't do it' stage of getting our ideas out into the open very quickly.  Sometimes we are stuck in self-defeating patterns and need that extra boost to make us realize that we really can do what we set our mind on.  Fluorite Octahedrons work to get us through these difficult times by reminding us that we are important and having negative thoughts about ourselves is not the way to a full and happy life.  Physically, fluorite octahedrons are used to heal skin, bones and regenerate cell tissue.  It may also help those with arthritis (inflammation of the joints.)  Numerology- Vibrates to the number 7.  The number 7 is about wisdom and faith.  Gemological Properties- Fluorite is a mineral species from the cubic crystal system.  The chemical composition is CaF2.  The hardness of Fluorite is a 4, fairly soft.  The refractive index is 1.434 and the specific gravity is 3.18.

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