Girasol Rough - 2.99
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Girasol Rough - 2.99

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Natural Girasol Quartz pieces from Madagascar

Average Size: 2 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.30 oz

Girasol: (also called jelly opal or blue opal, although they are not blue; they are colourless and translucent): (Judy Hall) Girasol enhances connections between members of a soul group and shows where these are beneficial in present life – indicating solutions to difficulties, especially where these could not be spoken about in the past.  It brings untruths to light.  Karmically, Girasol is useful when past-life experiences affect the present, especially as panic or phobias.  It dissolves imprints on the etheric blueprint and cellular memory is restored.  Mentally Girasol stimulates creativity, enhancing communication.  An emotional comforter, it separated psychic impressions from your own hidden feelings.  Assisting in understanding the deep causes of dis-ease, it strengthens boundaries and teaches how to satisfy your emotional needs.  Gridding Girasol creates a quiet space in which to work and meditate.  Physically, it helps iron assimilation, vision, fatigue, metabolism, hair loss and lymph nodes.

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