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Golden Calcite Fossilized Shell - 59.00

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Rare calcified fossilized Clam Shell with Golden Calcite flower clusters from Rucks Pit, Fort Drum, Okeechobee, Co., Florida, USA

Size: 5 x 1.9 x 2.1 cm

Weight: 0.53 oz

Golden or Yellow Calcite:  (Naisha Ahsian) Golden Calcite combines the energy of Fire and Wind, stimulating the will and the mind.  This stone helps one understand how to put Divine inspiration and guidance into action.  It helps clear the mind and prepare it to receive new learning and higher guidance.  It can be an effective aid for studying and developing new skills.  Golden Calcite stimulates one to take new directions in life.  It has the ability to ‘teach old dogs new tricks.’  It assists learning of all types and helps one recognize a multiplicity of skills, both mundane and spiritual.  It gives one the determination and faith to break out of old patterns and undertake exciting new directions.  Gold Calcite works primarily on the solar plexus chakra, though it has a secondary effect on the third eye, Root and Crown chakras.  It helps one overcome fear of taking action and can assist in overcoming procrastination.  It is a stone of motivation, helping to overcome laziness.  Golden Calcite stimulates one’s sense of self-worth.  It can be used to remove blockages to receiving one’s full abundance.  It assists in developing the attitude of abundance and the recognition that the Divine is providing all that one needs.  It helps one to perceive infinite abundance and to overcome limiting beliefs in scarcity.  Golden Calcite teaches right use of power and can assist one in perceiving and integrating these lessons from this and other lifetimes.  It’s a good stone for those afraid of misusing power.  It teaches the responsibility one has to employ one’s power for the greater good of all life.  Golden Calcite enhances self-trust.  Golden Calcite relieves stress and promotes deep relaxation.  It is especially good for those who feel overwhelmed.  It is also a wonderful stone for those who have experienced sexual or emotional abuse because of its ability to move stagnant, heavy energy and restrictive patterns (from rooms and from the body).  It helps gland health and aids in correcting immune imbalances of all types.  It works to balance the endocrine system and hormone levels, strengthens the pancreas and assists promoting healthy blood sugar levels. Golden Calcite cleanses the elimination organs. Do not cleanse in water.  Affirmation: “I move confidently and effectively to manifest my higher purpose through my work in the world.”

Shell: vacated homes of sea creatures that can be used to provide boundless growth in all endeavours; can be used to stimulate intuition, sensitivity, imagination and adaptability; shell structure enhances clarity in mental processes and insight into options to choose when making decisions; promotes co-operation with self and others; excellent source of cohesive energy for groups; abalone shell is also used to enhance smudging activities bringing stability and continuity to the environment and is used by native groups to stimulate fertility of both the mind and the body and to protect against uncooperative attitudes and actions; shell can be used for treatment of hearing disorders, calcium deficiencies and dysfunction of the spinal canal and nervous system; assists healing of broken bones, enhances assimilation of Vitamins A and D and can be used to protect the muscular system from atrophy.

Fossil: (Melody) the fossil is a preserved remnant of the past.  Most fossils are organic matter which has transformed into a stone; in many cases a mineral such as quartz, calcite, opal, pyrite, agate, jasper, etc., merely infiltrates the empty cellular spaces in wood or bone so that much of the original organic matter remains and retains its cellular structure.  The range of fossils include bone, shell, insects, animals, fish and impressions left by plants and animals. In addition to the properties of mineral which assists in the fossilization process, the following properties apply.  In ancient times, fossils were believed to have been stony casts of that which was once alive and which were grown in the Earth from seeds descendant from the realms of the stars.  The gift from the stars has been used to enhance telepathic communication between this present reality and the prior worlds, as well as other current worlds.  Fossils can be used to heighten and supplement one’s accomplishments in the business realm and to instil quality and excellence within one’s environment.  They help one to dispense with old programming and schedules and to be open and receptive to fresh, innovative forces.  Fossils can stimulate the thymus and treat disorders of the skeletal system, the hands and the feet.

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