Golden Labradorite -2.99
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Golden Labradorite -2.99

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Tumbled Golden Labradorite

Average Size: 1.5 x 1 x 0.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.06 oz

Golden Labradorite or Bytownite: (Robert Simmons) is one of the best stones for working with the third chakra.  It represents the solar qualities of Labradorite – inner strength, vitality, courage, clear thinking, endurance, mental activity, spiritual focus and purposefulness.  It can calm the emotions through increased clarity of mind and it can help one see the Divine pattern in one’s daily struggles.  In dream work, it can assist one in consciously awakening in the higher planes and in bringing back important information.  It connects us with the Great Central Sun, the home and origin of consciousness in the Universe – one can follow the golden thread to journey there.  Once the journey is completed, one will never forget it.  It will permanently infuse one’s consciousness with awe, reverence and gratitude, and a sense of the magnificent perfection of All-That-Is.  Golden Labradorite’s energies are male in tone, and solar so it can be used to activate the male aspects of the self, in both men and women.  It is supportive of the traits of assertiveness, self-confidence, creativity, self-expression in language, physical activity and extroversion.  For those who feel tentative, unfocussed, passive or weak, Golden Labradorite can be a helpful ally.  To bring both the male and female aspects of self into full expression and dynamic balance, one is advised to work with a combination of GL and moonstone together.  Wearing GL in jewelry enhances confidence, mental clarity and creativity to promote effectiveness in one’s life and continuing enjoyment of all that life brings.

(Naisha Ahsian) GL directly stimulates the solar plexus chakra as it teaches us about the right use of power and will and is especially effective in clearing issue relating to power that originate in past-lives.  It is an excellent stone for curbing procrastination and developing consistency in taking action.  GL stimulates one’s ability to learn and adapt to new situations and surroundings.  It can aid those who feel insecure in social situations or have difficulty mixing with new people.  It helps one to perceive one’s gifts and abilities and to develop strong self-esteem.  GL also connects with a frequency of joy and childlike playfulness.  GL assists with issues of the kidneys, gallbladder and spleen.  It helps the body’s purification systems by aiding in detoxifying the organs responsible.  It can aid in overcoming bed-wetting.  Golden Labradorite’s energy can aid in digestion and metabolism of food.  Affirmation: “I call forth my personal power, to be used with clarity and integrity, through the action of enlightened will.”

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