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Hiddenite Natural - 24.99

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Hiddenite is from the same family as Kunzite and is known as Green Spodumene. These beautiful clear specimens are from Brazil.

Average Size: 1.5 x 1.7 x 0.8 cm

Weight: 0.11 oz

Hiddenite (Green form of Kunzite): (Robert Simmons) Hiddenite teaches one how to return to spontaneity and genuineness in relationships.  Helps to overcome tendencies to manipulate whether consciously or unconsciously to get what one wants.  It brings the discovery that one can be loved without exerting any power and brings great joy.  Hiddenite vibrates to the true chord of the spontaneous loving heart, attuned to the future yet unconcerned about future consequences.  It teaches that loving is its own reward and brings a very liberating state.  Hiddenite’s message is simple – even if love and loss go hand in hand, loving is still the best, the only thing to do.  If one is in a relationship where struggle has supplanted some of the joy, a gift of Hiddenite to one’s partner and/or oneself can help to dissolve blockages around both hearts.  It allows one to feel realms of Universal love when used in meditation.

(Naisha Ahsian) Hiddenite is a master stone of the heart and brings the frequency of gratitude.  Within this frequency, we heal and become renewed, because here we touch the heart of the Divine.  Hiddenite teaches one to stop and receive.  Its energy encourages one to open one’s heart to the love, gifts, and energy the Divine offers.  It can help those who judge their worth by their financial wealth or worldly possessions to recognize their immeasurable wealth in the eyes of the Divine.  Hiddenite can aid one in recognizing how truly precious one is to the Creator.  This realization invariably leads to a sense of overwhelming gratitude and a feeling of true abundance.  Hiddenite helps to heal deep psychic wounds of the heart and is an excellent stone for use in recovery from addiction and abuse.  Beyond its healing energies, it is a stone of renewal.  It assists one in finding hope in difficult circumstances.  It is a wonderful stone for children.  Hiddenite stimulates the heart and emotional body and encourages the experience of joy and bliss.  It helps one release attachments to future desires or past regrets and focus on the gifts one is receiving in each moment.  It can be used to counter anxiety, stress and fear around finances, wealth or one’s sense of self- worth.  Hiddenite can act as a gentle support for the physical heart.  It can help one feel balanced as one moves through emotional cycles and can assist in overcoming the ‘blues,’ Affirmation: “I am always pouring love into the world through the through the well-spring of my heart.”

(Marilyn and Tohmas Twintrees) Physical, Emotional, Mental Integration: Let’s ground into the Earth Mother together.  Now you know me; now you feel me.  I soothe your roots; sometimes they seem to be afraid to go deeper….to enter the Earthwalk completely—as innately as your destiny requests. Come with me.  The fear slips away naturally, because we are grounding through our roots and our hearts, too.  Then, we never stay afraid because the all-out wonder, compassion and awe fills us so much there is no room to keep doubt. Electrical Body Alignment:  I link you to the true leader of your life: your heart.  Open wide and merge seamlessly. Affirmation of Support: “I celebrate life with all my heart, always.” Stone Story: When you touch me, peace flows through you enriching every cell. Yet I am not always calm. Sometimes I excite you beyond all words.  The peace that you associate with me comes to you because you need it, because you want it so much during this time of full-out transformation and unimaginability. I listen to you. I touch every word, every story with complete empathy and of course you relax. You become your true self in the everlight of compassion. Go out into the world; offer it your radiant heart and you will come home.

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