Blue Kyanite - Raw - 2.99
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Blue Kyanite - Raw - 2.99

Regular price $2.99

Average Dimensions: 3.3 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.35 oz

Size, colour and shape varries from piece to piece.

Source: Brazil

Kyanite: Kyanite is a stone of inner bridges, connection, psychic ability, past-life recall, telepathy, and empathy.  Kyanite instantly aligns the charkas and subtle bodies. It is a best friend to healers as it clears energy pathways and meridians while stabilizing the magnetic field. It is an excellent for stone for attunement and meditation as it is a powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies.  Kyanite stimulates psychic ability and intuition, connects to spirit guides, attracts soul contracts.  It heals the brain, creates new neural pathways and protects healers.

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