Blue Kyanite Natural - 4.99
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Blue Kyanite Natural - 4.99

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Natural Blue Kyanite blades from Brazil

Average Size: 3.3 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.35 oz

Blue Kyanite: (Naisha Ahsian) Kyanite is a stone of inner bridges and connection, initiates psychic ability, past-lives; empathy; instantly aligns charkas and subtle bodies, clears energy pathways and meridians; stabilizes magnetic field; excellent for attunement and meditation; powerful transmitter and amplifier of high frequency energies; stimulates psychic ability/ intuition; connects to spirit guides; instils compassion; never requires cleaning; helps speak one’s truth, clears fears and blockages; opens throat chakra, self-expression; facilitates ascension by drawing light body down into physical realm, connecting higher mind to the highest frequencies; facilitates rapid transfers of energy, accentuates mental ability to download info from higher sources; excellent stone for achieving conscious dreaming; builds bridges of Light between disparate experiences and communication between disharmonious people; restructures mental energies and habits that keep one from moving to higher levels of learning; creates pathways of energy where before there were none; can help find a way to bridge to new beliefs and ideas; assists negotiations, diplomatic missions and arbitration; can quickly clear a person’s energy field and create a protective shield in which to do energy or healing work; helps transmit energy from healer to client; helps one to act upon guidance, building strong bridges between one’s inner and outer selves; helps cut through cloudy thoughts, indecision or hesitancy so that forward movement can be made in one’s life; physically can help bridge gaps between bone breaks, surgery and other intrusive trauma, assisting nerves and tissues to reestablish new pathways through and around the trauma site; ideal for healing the brain from the effects of head trauma, seizure or stroke – aids creating new neural pathways.  Affirmation: “I cross the inner bridges which lead to my growth, opening to the etheric realms, the world of Nature and the land of the heart.”

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