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Lazulite Sidderite - 197.00

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Lazulite Crystals with Siderite and Wardite Crystals on matrix

Source: Rapid Creek, Yukon, Canada

Size: 6.1 x 4.1 x 1.5 cm

Largest Crystal Size: 3 mm

Weight: 1.2 oz

Lazulite: Psychic abilities; Mental focus and discipline; Enhanced transcendent brain function; perhaps the purest representative of the indigo ray and highly stimulating to the third eye chakra; stimulates all psychic abilities; an ideal stone for those who already have some psychic abilities and wish to enhance them or for beginner who want to stimulate latent abilities; meditation with this stone on the third eye is the best way to bring forward psychic abilities; placing under pillow can bring experiences of astral travel; excellent stone for dream work; brings greater focus and mental discipline – excellent stone for students or professionals who work long hours; can provide inspirational insight to researchers, writers and artists; provides for peak brain functioning, memory and linking right and left brain; stimulates lobes in front of brain that are still mysterious and unknown – paranormal ability; excellent for headaches and migraines; helps recover vision lost through eye strain.

Siderite: (Melody) Stone of Alignment.  It first facilitates alignment of the meridians and chakras of the physical body and from there, the emotional, intellectual, ethereal, astral, etc. bodies align themselves to each other and to the physical body.  It is the ultimate stone for bringing one into alignment.  Siderite emits energy to strengthen the commitment to one’s lifework and to enhance stability in employment.  Siderite is excellent to use for the care of those confined, either to bed, to home, or to an otherwise confining environment.  It helps both the one confined and the one responsible for the care to cop in the unnaturalness of the situation.  It also promotes ideas for brightening ones day and for bringing in the maximum positivity.  Use of this mineral can help to stimulate the assimilation of calcium, magnesium and iron.  It can be helpful in the treatment of bone deterioration and anemia, and to assist in the proper functioning of the elimination system.  Vibrates to the master number 44 and the astrological sign of Aquarius.

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