Mushroom Jasper Tumbled - 2.99
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Mushroom Jasper Tumbled - 2.99

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Mushroom Jasper Tumbled stones from La Paz County, Arizona, USA.

Average Size: 1 inch

Average Weight: 0.4 oz 

Mushroom Jasper: Comes from La Paz County, Arizona.  It forms when magma composed of at least 70% silica flows very slowly, allowing silica and other minerals to flow at hot temperature solutions into cracks, and porous pockets.  These minerals give the rock red, tan, brown, orange, green and grey colorings.  Because of formation under high temperatures, it is actually classified as a rhyolite.  It has the same composition as obsidian but did not flow and cool rapidly like obsidian did, but instead had time to form Crystals and solution deposits.  Mushroom Jasper is believed to help you adjust to dark and dreary days and helps you better function during overcast days.

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