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Nebula Stone

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Nebula Stone Penant

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Nebula Stone: composed of four stones – quartz, anothroclase, reibeckite, and aegirine; quartz energizes and amplifies the other minerals and makes this stone programmable so that it may be used for the attainment of personal and spiritual goals; reibeckite activates psychic senses and facilitates spiritual growth and right livelihood; aegirine clears negativity from auric field and stimulates kundalini and psyche, giving one energy and courage to fulfill highest path; anorthoclase provides the “lure of becoming” or patterns of future possibility; ; Nebula is a powerful stone of transformation; harmonizes one’s energies; makes one feel more content in one’s body and at home on Earth; helps one feel mentally alert and able, physically strong and comfortable, and spiritually attuned to higher consciousness; valuable to have at all times as a pocket stone or jewelry; activates remembrance of Light within the cells, creating an expansion of consciousness that is powerfully awakening; facilitates a remembering of who and what we truly are – spirit as body; purifies physical body; helps detox chemical abuse and break self-abusive patterns and behaviors; ideal for recovery from alcohol and drug addiction; also clears emotional patterns and behaviors that stand in the way of one’s growth; attunes to deep space energies and the process of creation – helps one find the inner knowledge of the Creator.  Affirmation: “From the myriad possible futures for my life, I select and fulfill my highest spiritual path.”