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Nunderite Tumbled - 9.98

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Rare tumbled Nunderite stones from Australia


Average Size: 2.5 x 2 x 1.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.35 oz

Nunderite: (Judy Hall) an excellent grounding stone, provides a calm still centre in which to anchor your energies during times of turmoil, change or multidimensional journeying. Showing you creative ways to obtain your goals, Nunderite encourages co-operation and draws like-minded people towards you. The Feldspar component gets things moving, literally shifting energies to a different frequency and helping you to negotiate amplitude shifts as the vibration powers up. The Jadeite portion helps you to face the change with equanimity. The combination assists in balancing the new energies and putting them to work. This stone moves out of your orbit anyone who is not for your highest good. It facilitates multidimensional psychic protection, creating an impenetrable interface at the outer layers of the aura. It is highly effective if you have been under prolonged psychic attack. It also cleanses the aura and charges it with light. If you are the target of emotional vampirism, Nunderite helps you to seal your aura and protect your spleen, de-energizing cords and hooks so that you retain your own energy. Nunderite is a useful stone for those who lack self-confidence as it imparts emotional strength and courage to move forward. Encouraging you to be self-sufficient but not selfish, it helps you to move forward into who you may be rather than what you fear you are. This stone is traditionally helpful for weather magic, bringing rain to drought-stricken areas or the sun to dry out an excess of water. Nunderite is soothing for the kidneys, spleen and over-stressed adrenals. It may assist the water balance within the body and the acid alkaline balance.


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