Triplet Opal with Blue Topaz - Pendant
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Triplet Opal with Blue Topaz - Pendant

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Facetted Blue Topaz Gemstone + Triplet Opal set in Silver

Weight: 0.11 oz

Dimensions: 3.2 cm x 1.5 cm

Chain is not included in price.

Triplet Opals: consist of three layers: A black backing stone, a paper-thin slice of opal in the middle and a clear quartz capping in the shape of a dome to give a cabochon style shape.

Opal: Luck, Hope, Cosmic Consciousness, Psychic Visions, Originality, Creativity, Accessing and Expressing True Self, Karmic Lessons, Love, Self-Worth, Passion, Desire, Eroticism, Release of Inhibitions, Loyalty, Spontaneity, Relieves PMS, Eases Childbirth

Blue Topaz activates and opens the third eye and throat chakras, improving brain function and communication skills. It improves ability to concentrate, focus and to be alert and pay attention.  Blue Topaz is also a stone of mental ability and psychic ability. It stimulates or calms the mind as needed. It helps one to express their needs, feelings and truth to others as well as to communicate with higher beings and one’s higher self. Blue Topaz is a great aid to those who wish to give psychic readings to others. It is also a stone of discernment and decisiveness. It can help overcome fear of public speaking, sore throats and speech impediments. Blue Topaz has also been used for migraines, sore neck and hypothyroid conditions.

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