Phosphosiderite - 1.99
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Phosphosiderite - 1.99

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Tumbled Phosphosiderite stones

Average Dimensions: 2 x 1 x 0.5 cm

Average Weight: 0.08 oz

Phosphosiderite: Phosphosiderite’s name refers to its mineral composition, which is phosphorous, iron and siderite. Sideros is a Greek word, meaning iron. Phosphosiderite is also known as Piedrea Voga, meaning Pink Stone and La Rosa Voca, meaning Pink Rock.  Its colour is usually pastel shades of pink or lilac, though it also occurs in green, red and colourless varieties.  Phosphosiderite is a calming, soothing, stress relieving stone.  Its vibration works mostly with the heart and third eye chakras.  It is an excellent stone for getting into meditative states and communicating with spirit guides and angels.  It can be particularly helpful for promoting spiritual growth and helping one to know and understand their life purpose.  Phosphosiderite also aids exploration and healing of past-life experiences that are impacting one’s current life.  It can be placed under the pillow to help with insomnia and has been used to treat respiratory ailments such as colds, flu, lung infections.  Phosphosiderite is said to help heal abdominal issues, heart ailments and balancing the thyroid. Phosphosiderite works beautifully with Pearls and Angelite.

Phosphosiderite connects you to subtle aspects of 'self' like daydreaming or lucid recollections of distant memories. It creates a gentle feeling of floating and expanded awareness.  Its energy smoothens the auric field, gently retrieving fragments of yourself, left in places long ago.

(Leesa Melrose) Phosphosiderite is calm like a lavender blue ocean. Think of fields and fields of French lavender, their sent being given to you upon the wind, clearing your energy and bringing calmness with freshness and new energies. It opens and expands your mind with the aid of the third eye the bring in new awareness's new insights. It allows there to be a space in your mind that wasn't previously open that was unconscious. This will be opened as far as you are ready in a speed and pace that you are ready for. It also brings in a gentle calming love energy, a violet cousin to Larimar.

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