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Pietersite Tumbled - 2.99

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Tumbled Pietersite stones from Namibia, Africa

Average Size: 1.3 x 1.5 x 0.4 cm (irregular shapes)

Average Weight: 0.07 oz

Pietersite: said to be keys to kingdom of heaven; grounds you to your etheric body, facilitating spiritual journeying, especially to read Akashic records; for vision questing & shamanic journeying; greatly aids meditation, promotes profound visions; releases past-life vows; heals issues surrounding authority; eases beliefs imposed by authorities or rule-makers; supports willpower; supports walking your truth; stimulates pituitary, balances endocrine system, metabolism, blood pressure; clears dis-ease caused by exhaustion in those who have no rest time; activates solar plexus and third eye chakras to increase energy of the will and one’s psychic abilities; brings keen insights into situations to influence outcome that is favourable to one’s hopes and desires; helps to see what’s going on, what one wants and brings the will to go after it; stone of inter-dimensional travel and inner journeys; known as the tempest stone, deeply cleanses all levels of one’s being; clears stagnant energies, habits and patterns so that one can take action toward one’s dreams; strengthens the nerves and the brain.  Affirmation: “The clarity of inner sight reveals the best choices for action, and I make them without hesitation.”

General Info: Pietersite was first discovered by Sid Pieters in 1962 while prospecting farmland. He registered the find in the mineral records of Britain, which was published in 1964 naming the material Pietersite. 
Pietersite is formed from a crocidolite type asbestos or variety of Riebeckite. The process begins with Hawk Eye, the name given to the blue variety of Tiger Eye. This opaque aggregate is formed when quartz replaces the blue/green mineral crocidolite creating iridescent planes or fractures with a silky luster. Tiger Eye is created when the iron from the decomposed crocidolite oxidizes changing it to a golden-brown color. Pietersite is then formed by a process known as brecciation. This occurs when the fibrous structure of both Tiger Eye and Hawk Eye are broken via the earth's geologic process. The tiny fragments are later naturally cemented together by quartz creating a finished product with multiple hues and superb chatoyancy.

Pietersite is extremely rare and found in two locations worldwide: Hunan, China and Namibia, Africa. Our sources tell us the Chinese mine has been flooded and non-operable for many years. The world's single remaining mine is run in Swakopmund, Namibia.

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