Pinolith Tumbled - 6.99
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Pinolith Tumbled - 6.99

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Tumbled Pinolith stones from Austria

Average Size: 2.3 x 1.5 x 1.3 cm

Weight: 0.30 oz 

Pinolith:( Pinolith, pronounced Pinolite, are a combination of dolomite, graphite and magnesite from Austria. Its name suggests it’s resemblance to white pine kernels with a matrix radiance from grey to black.  Pinolith is known for dispelling negativity and making it’s surrounding environment positive and soothing.  It facilitates the release of inner resistance or blocks and motivates one to live from a place of serenity and peace.  It brings stability, balance and harmony to the daily life of its wearer. Pinolith helps us see the small miracles even in the mundane things that life offers us.  It assists one in maintaining a balanced emotional and mental state.

(gemexi) Pinolith is regarded as a gentle gem with moon-like energy that promotes generosity, as well as giving and receiving of all kinds.  Pinolith is an excellent aid to meditation and relaxation and helps to enhance imagination and creative abilities. It promotes original thinking, manifestation, spontaneity and original thinking. Pinolith can be used by psychics to aid visualization and psychic viewing.  It activates and purifies the crown chakra and third eye. It is said to promote instant, witty, dynamic and revolutionary ideas. It brings grounding to the mind and kindles the heart chakra to feel earnest love.  Pinolith can awaken higher truth and help one to make powerful emotional connections.  It is useful for bringing forth unconscious thoughts and beliefs and fostering strength, tolerance and an optimistic attitude toward life.  It helps people release nervousness and anxiety as well as to overcome pique, bigotry and narrow-mindedness.  Pinolith is an overall strengthener of the physical body. It aids absorption of magnesium and helps with muscle cramps.  It also helps to detoxify the cells, protect against allergies, neutralize body odor, relieve PMS and issues related to the stomach and intestines.  Pinolith has also been used to regulate fever and chills. Astrological vibration: Airies | Numerological Vibration: 3 | Elements: Earth and Water

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