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Purple Opal Natural - 18.99

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Natural Purple Opal pieces from Madagascar - similar properties to Tiffany Stone (which is from Utah, USA) but much more affordable.

Photos show front and back of the same stone.

Size: 6.7 x 6 cm

Weight: 3.53 oz

Tiffany Stone or Purple Opal: Tiffany Stone is a trademarked name for Purple Opal material originating from Utah, USA.  It is considered a rare stone containing a mixture of Clear Quartz, Bertrandite, Opal, and Purple Fluorite. It is also refer as Ice Cream Opal, Opalized Fluorite, and Purple Opal.  It’s primary colours are purple and white.  Tiffany Stone has a sweet, high vibration that helps one to unite with their soul’s path for this lifetime. It helps to incorporate this power and share with another so that they too can move forward. Tiffany Stone resonates with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and helps one to achieve mental agility and focus. It facilitates communication with higher dimensional beings and assists development of psychic abilities and intuition.  It cleanses the human energy field and restores energetic flow where it has been restrained and hindered.  It is known for it’s ability to discharge blockages in the meridians and chakras of the human energy system. Tiffany Stone instils vigour and balance to the body and mind.  It’s ability to help one to grasp concepts and retain information, make it a great aid to study.  It is also recognized to produce optimistic changes in your sex life, and is said to improve your sexual experiences. Tiffany Stone is a useful gemstone when you’re experiencing any life changes of any type and is known to assist and convey perseverance and emotional strength as one releases old aspects in order to generate the new.  Tiffany Stone can help you determine what direction to take in business as it helps to clear confusion both with the business and your environment.

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