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Rainbow Obsidian - 119.99

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Large Rainbow Obsidian Cabochon with unique shape and beautiful colour banding

Size: 9.8 x 6.7 x 1.8 cm

Weight: 6.94 oz

Source: Mexico

Rainbow Obsidian: Rainbow Obsidian is a protective stone that aids recovery from emotional wounds and takes one on the deep journey from darkness into Light.  It is a grounding Earth elements stone that greatly benefits the root chakra.  It helps one take the downward journey to unexpected Light. Rainbow Obsidian helps one to know that the Light will not be found in the heavens without taking the journey down into the prison of one’s wounded emotional psyche first. It helps one journey to the depths to find the forgotten parts of one’s self that have been left behind with each wounding – reclaiming the parts and continuing downward experiencing deeper darkness and emptiness before the bursts of clearing Light; Rainbow Obsidian can assist a voluntary exploration of the depths rather than having a crisis precipitate the journey downward – voluntary descents are usually shorter in duration than those brought about by crisis and help bring the soul more conscious awareness; like the vivid rings of colour that appear in the darkness of the stone so it is with one’s psyche when one reaches the Light at the end of the descent; rainbow obsidian shares an affinity with rainbow moonstone – using them together one can maintain dual awareness, wherein part of one’s self remains in the lit world while another part takes the dark journey; clears the body of lingering patterns of emotional trauma; dissolves outmoded genetic patterns and karma; it is a powerful emotional protector but one must be prepared to process the root cause of the emotional distress; grounds Light into the aura and the physical body; helps cleanse and align all of the chakras as it removes blockages and densities; brings hope, illumination and energy to the most blocked and stagnant areas of the emotional body, helping one feel more optimistic and willing to engage with life; a wonderful stone to use to alleviate depression and mood swings; useful for bone breaks, bruising and other types of tissue trauma; can be placed over the heart area to stabilize the physical heart during stressful times; a good stone for drawing memory to consciousness from the cellular level so that repressed memories do not turn into physical disease.  Affirmation: “I willingly choose to take the journey through the darkness of my unconscious, recovering the lost parts of myself, moving to rebirth in the Light.”

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