Red Aventurine Nugget - 3.99
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Red Aventurine Nugget - 3.99

Regular price $3.99

Average size: 1 x 0.5"

Average Weight: 0.6 oz

Size, colour and shape will vary

Red Aventurine: discernment, determination, strength, creativity, sexuality, alignment with ones’ highest path; increases desire to take on & overcome challenges of life; increases life-force; renews sexual appetite (keep in bed); infuses one with confidence & energy to see things through & pursue desires; helps commit to a path; very good for those with numerous creative ideas & difficulty following through; helps be firm when faced with conflict; helps recognize when not on highest path or have made mistake; reveals self-deception; helps self-forgive & laugh at one’s mistakes; strengthens blood & bone marrow; aids detox.

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