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Red Capped Amethyst - 19.99

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Red-capped Amethyst point from Brazil

Size: 8.4 x 3.2 x 3 cm

Weight: 2.65 oz

(Judy Hall) Carrying ancient wisdom, Red Capped Amethyst unites sky and earth. Highly protective with its Hematite cap it provides grounding for the soul and anchors the lightbody. It shields during metaphysical work, assisting journeying. Powerfully energetic, it captures high frequencies and grounds them in the physical body via the Alta Major and Earth Star chakras.  Highly protective, it assists during meditation and out of body experiences. Red capped Amethyst amplifies all metaphysical activity, enhancing telepathy and communication with guardian beings. If high vibration crystals or ascension work is physically challenging, Red Amethyst adjusts your physical body to accept expanded awareness. Keeping your feet firmly on the ground, it guards against spiritual egoism or delusions. A purifier for the aura, it assists insomnia from psychic-overload or electromagnetic pollution. It helps ascertain and release soul causes of addiction and obsession, re-framing spiritual connections and karmic contracts. May assist the blood and blood rich organs and relieve stress.

(Karen Osborne) Imparts immediacy and living in the present moment; has real and visceral feel – connects to the raw and the primal, showing us that love exists at this level, at the source of all things, at the beginning of the Kundalini flow; aligns charkas, clears energy meridians and provides balance for deep healing; deeply grounding while at the same time bringing in the higher frequencies from other realms; enables grounding higher frequencies of love into our auras, into the base chakra; provides powerful protection and spiritual warrior energy (thank you Archangel Michael); helps to bring forward the soul's true purpose in this life and supplies the red frequencies needed for actualization; activates the 3rd eye centre and the high mind; helps to manifest the full potential of our thoughts on the Earth plane and to increase intuitive reception; specimens with green bands can initiate healing of chronic and congenital conditions.

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