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Red Moss Agate Pendant - 39.99

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Round shape red Moss Agate cabochon Crystal in sterling silver bezel half moon design.  The back is open.

Size: 3.7 x 2.6 x 0.5 cm

Weight: 0.30 oz

Red Moss Agate: Red Moss Agates are rare and one of the most beautiful of all Moss Agates, which are known for their healing powers. The stone has a red hue because of the oxidation process in its formative state. Red Moss Agate helps one feel happy and positive about life and to become highly self-confident when wearing it. It boosts will power and productivity, while revitalizing courage and power. Red Moss Agate enhances your sense of adventure and makes you free-spirited and active both physically and mentally. Red Agate brings a joyful and vibrance of renewal and life force energy all day long. Red Moss Agate stimulates sexual energy and makes one more attractive to other people. It removes negative energies and helps one feel good about self and life in general. Red Moss Agate is even said to bring good luck in marriage opportunities and draw attention towards the wearer of the stone.

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