Red Selenite Tumbled - 5.99
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Red Selenite Tumbled - 5.99

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Large tumbled Red Selenite stones from Morocco

Average Weight: 1.8 oz

Average Size: 3 - 4 cm 

Red Selenite: is also called Red Satin Spar Selenite or Peach Selenite as it ranges in color from peach to deep orange. Red Selenite can be used to enhance flexibility and creativity, both at home and in the workplace. Red Selenite is an enlivening and inspiring stone that helps people work and play together. Red Selenite helps one to dig in and get things done and can be used to encourage children to help with chores and do their homework. Red Selenite helps one to have a better self-image. If you own a business, place a Red Selenite nearby to encourage people to buy. Red Selenite has all the properties of White Selenite but connects more strongly to the physical body. Red Selenite has a reputation as a great physical healer.  It pairs well with White Selenite and they tend to potentiate each other.

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